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Progressive christian dating sites

This cultural and judicial coercion isn’t simply relegated to Christian family business owners.

The California legislature is attempting to pass a bill that threatens the state’s Christian colleges and schools with the loss of accreditation and federal funding for simply upholding distinctly Christian teachings in regards to sexual and gender identity and orientation.

They morally emotionalized their message as being one of “love” against “hate.” They recast their social experiment and crusade against traditional sexual norms and cultural values as one in pursuit of “justice” and civil “rights.” They simply wanted, they claimed, to be treated “equally” like everyone else.

This public relations campaign was clearly and predictably dishonest.

But recently, one religious dating site has faced legal backlash for its apparent “discrimination” against the LGBT community.

Spark Networks, the owner of the popular religious dating websites J-Date and Christian Mingle, were recently sued focusing on a California anti-discrimination law which requires “business establishments to offer full and equal accommodations to people regardless of their sexual orientation.” The lawsuit focused on website Christian Mingle, which did not have options for LGBT people to join the site, requiring that men match with women and vice versa.

Enshrined in these same civil rights laws are protections for religious institutions from ever being forced into silence or to be prevented from practicing their faith openly.

To be clear, Christians are being compelled against their wills and in violation of their constitutionally protected right to religious liberty to “tolerate” ideas and positions that contradict their religious beliefs.Promoters and supporters of the homosexualized agenda didn’t want social acceptance or tolerance, and they surely didn’t want “equal treatment” or “equal rights.” Gay rights advocates and their rainbow flag/pink equal sign supporters wanted created out of thin air for their benefit (at the expense of everyone else), special considerations, and legal protections.They didn’t want their “love” to be merely recognized or else they wouldn’t have intentionally politicized it.Over the past decade we have seen a rise in websites and phone apps that are dedicated to helping us find love and connect with those we’re “best matched” with, based on a number of personality questions and so-called compatibility formulas.In more recent years, a number of e-dating websites have been created that cater to particular religious communities.

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