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She gently offers Rarity advice on how to compromise and better get along with Sweetie Belle, which Rarity gratefully accepts.

Applejack dislikes things that are "girly" and "fancy", like the froufrou dresses in Suited for Success.

She shows in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 that she truly learned this lesson, as she was touched by her friend's offers to help as "honorary family members" and immediately accepts.

Spike calls her "Apple Teeny," pronounced the same as appletini, an apple-flavored alcoholic cocktail.

However, despite her good intentions, Applejack becomes too caught up in her planning to realize that the most important thing about the reunion is to bond with your family.

Eventually, she learns her lesson, and brings the family back together to rebuild the demolished barn.

She becomes exhausted but continues to buck trees and repeatedly refuses Twilight Sparkle's many offers of assistance.

She eventually faints at the sight of the scores of apple trees she still has to harvest, and finally looks past her pride and accepts help from her friends.

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