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Eazy 100  blacks dating site

Before going for cocktails, G-Eazy hosted his album listening party at Voila Creative Studio in West Hollywood.The event space was packed with fans as he gave a short performance with Halsey.His album The Beautiful & Damned is slated to release December 15.The New Americana, singer looked edgy in a pair of pale pink ripped denim and black Timberland boots.I'm just obsessed with her.’He last dated singer Lana Del Rey.They have been together for several months and are still completely besotted with each other.

On Friday Halsey and G-Eazy collaboration will release their first single together, Him And I.Her white graphic crop top exposed her tummy and plethora of tattoos. It's hard to tell what hairstyle Halsey is going to rock next.She is currently sporting long black cornrows tied up in a ponytail."' The blonde, who has previously said she is bisexual, also revealed their romance only came to light because of their duet.She explained: 'There's a lot of other guys I've dated or f****d that you don't know about, just as there are a lot of other women I've dated or f****d that you don't know about.

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She was headed home from the Warwick with her beau, 28.