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Each year, thousands of students have to write similar papers that address generations and their characteristics and demographics.This sample descriptive essay from Ultius explores millennials and what makes them different.So just who are these Millennials that everyone is talking about?The name Millennials describes young people who were born at a particular time.It seems to me, based on what I have heard from older people and what I have learned about society in even the recent past, the concept of the relationship is a fairly recent one.That is, the word itself was not often used; people had friends, family, business associates, and romantic or sexual partners, and all these types of relationships were usually identified specifically as to how they figured in a person’s life.A girlfriend is a person; a relationship is a thing someone iswith a girlfriend or boyfriend, and I am beginning to wonder how much of how we define “relationship” has to do with this stature we give to this non-existent thing.

That is all, and “relationship” is nothing more than the catch-all word assigned to the interaction.

With relationships, I believe the danger is of a different kind, and it goes directly to that vague concept of what a relationship should be.

Obviously, people romantically involved want the romance to be uplifting and good, and there is nothing wrong with the assumption that “relationship”, as expressed by most people, means “good relationship”.

As I see it, the word “relationship” has taken on a strangely specific meaning, and people have a certain idea regarding what a relationship must translate to.

It is very much like the word “change”; in modern life, change is viewed as a positive thing, but the reality is that change can be anything at all that is different.

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Above all, the word is never used to suggest something not serious, unless it is identified as a “sexual relationship” or “business relationship”, or another way that indicates boundaries.

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