Amanda peet jack nicholson dating

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Amanda peet jack nicholson dating

The latter event achieves three important ends: 1) no sex between Marin and Harry (so his ensuing tryst with her mother won't seem so yucky, even though it still is fairly yucky); 2) 63-year-old Harry's self-evaluation; and 3) Erica's assignment to nursing duties, as the patient can't be moved back to the city.

Their evolving age-appropriate relationship reveals to Erica the real life (so-called) pain of the love she writes about in her plays.

You believe what her feeling is." Nicholson's comments on the "craft" of acting, the timing of characters' interactions, and Meyers' script (which he praises repeatedly) are endearingly detailed and perceptive.

He sounds genuinely interested in his work, his costars, and his own image, in a reasonably ironic way; after admitting that he was eager to show his naked butt in the hospital corridor scene, Nicholson snickers at Harry pretending to keep it together as the women rush to assist: "Oooh, he's got a tingle!

The DVD also includes two commentary tracks, one featuring Nancy Meyers and Nicholson, the other Meyers, Keaton, and producer Bruce Block.

Peet is all fluttery insight when Marin marvels at Harry's "genius" when she tries to break up with him and he turns it into dumping her.

It also introduces Harry to the heretofore foreign concepts of commitment, maturity, and equality, not to mention jealousy, as Erica is simultaneously courted by his own doctor, Julian (Keanu Reeves).

That Harry finds these concepts so strange is supposed to make him seem naïve and desirable; but he's also a self-loving rascal, waiting to be rehabilitated by a "good woman." While the formulaic romance is surely burdened by its predictability, it is also buoyed, moment for moment, by Keaton and Nicholson's frankly delightful performances.

" In turn, Meyers observes, rather adoringly, "I am appreciative.

Jack's the king of giving you free ones."Good thing, for the conventional script benefits immeasurably from the performers' subtler hues.

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